15 Pcs/Set Makeup Brush – Sell-off


15 Pcs/Set Makeup Brush


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15 Pcs/Set Makeup Brush - Sell-off
15 Pcs/Set Makeup Brush - Sell-off

Category and usage of makeup brushes:

Colour makeup brush variety, deal with daily makeup, can combine according to individual makeup look. But six brushes are required

Basic configuration: honey paint, concealer brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.

Honey stucco: the sweeping makeup is a silky texture with a more clean and durable makeup.

Concealer: the fine brush head can be brushed to hard-to-reach parts, and the concealer is more uniform and natural.

Blush brush: brush the blush of natural radian, dizzy shading, perfect highlight facial outline.

Eye shadow brush: variety. You need to prepare a different size of eye shadow brush to match different eye paint.

Eyebrow brush: match eyebrow powder, can draw quite natural eyebrow type. The eyebrow pencil is easier to control and shade.

Lip brush: precise outline of lip shape, make the lips color full and even, more durable.

Foundation brush: apply to apply foundation fluid, the requirement of brush and foundation fluid is taller.

Facial contour brush: characteristic lies in the brush head is 45 °, size close to cheek is red brush, brush coarser.

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